Real Promised Land

January 7, 2013

We found this website that provided a different opinion to "The Promise Land" movie and are providing it to our energy forum readers:

To hear Hollywood tell it, folks out in rural America who are presented with an opportunity to develop their mineral rights and produce clean-burning natural gas for the country have a tough choice on their hands: Don't do it, and you ruin your economy. Do it, and you ruin your environment.

But out in the "Real" Promised Land, everyone knows that's a false choice. That's because these folks have seen firsthand how responsible development has improved their lives and strengthened their communities - all without sacrificing the quality of their air, water or land in the process.

On this site, you won't find any actors, scripts or manufactured storylines. What you will find here is real people, with real stories, about how development has impacted them and their families. These aren't stories you're likely to see out at the movies. But we think they're pretty remarkable, just the same.

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